Welcome to my blog.... this is my place to share my projects and a little about my family with you. I only hope that you can find some inspiration here.


This page is also a work in progress.

This is a collage I made and put in a frame and everybody signed the mat for one of the guys that was moving to Georgia..  The pic is a group pic taken last summer at our picnic.

This next one is a pic with George....."You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it" ... from the TV commercial.  He is a super nice man.  We were very honored to have him visit our little store in WV.

I work full time as a Tailor in a Men's Clothing Store.  Every year I also work with a Dance Studio making costumes for their annual production.  Altering clothing for 8 to 10 hours a day does not allow for any creativity.  Although is is a lot of hard work and very little sleep for a couple of months..... when I attend the production and see my work on stage it makes it all worthwhile.  They always contact me after the first of the year and I have until the end of April to complete them.  This year I have 45 costumes to make for "Welcome To The Jungle" and 19 for "Stupid Cupid".  As I get them I will post pics for you to see.

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