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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pic

Hi again..This post is not card or craft related.  Just a picture I wanted to  post.  I work as a Tailor for The Men's Wearhouse.  If you haven't seen the commercials it won't mean anything but if you have you will recognize the man in the center.  In the commercials he says "You're going to like the way you look...I guarantee it"!  He is George Zimmer the CEO of the company.  He came to our little store on Monday for a visit.  For us it was really a big deal.

Here's the picture:
From left to right is John ( my boss and friend), Jessica, GEORGE,  Me, and my good friend Jon.  I just had to post this..lol.

This page is also a work in progress.

I work full time as a Tailor in a Men's Clothing Store.  Every year I also work with a Dance Studio making costumes for their annual production.  Altering clothing for 8 to 10 hours a day does not allow for any creativity.  Although is is a lot of hard work and very little sleep for a couple of months..... when I attend the production and see my work on stage it makes it all worthwhile.  They always contact me after the first of the year and I have until the end of April to complete them.  This year I have 45 costumes to make for "Welcome To The Jungle" and 19 for "Stupid Cupid".  As I get them I will post pics for you to see.

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