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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ahoy Me Mateys !!!!!!

Daisy Doodles Treasure Hunt Blog Hop
Coming Soon!!

Thar be some talk of a treasure and I have me hands on the map....Arrrrrgg...  I am gatherin' up me mateys and sailin' me ship to Coconut Island to dig for the treasure chest.  I have 'eard thar be a new stamp release and $5 in gold doubloons in it.

So me mateys meet me at Captain Freddy's pirate ship  (Daisy Doodles Challenge Blog)  Tuesday, July 13th and join me in me hunt for the treasure!   Arrrrrrgg!  See ya thar me hearties!!!!

We'll gather up gold pieces along the way to win this awesome new release + a $5 gift certificate to Daisy's Digi Doodles Store.

Thanks for stopping by


Jules said...

OMG! R that is awesome, I was laughing my head off reading it, did you get help from J?

Joanne Gilch said...

Rhonda, fab...love the "me hearties"!

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