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Monday, August 2, 2010


Howdy Pilgrims!  Belle Star here.  (Belle Starr, aka: the "Outlaw Queen” (1848-1889) - Hooking up with the likes of theYounger brothers and Jesse James at a young age, Starr became an outlaw herself and was the first woman to be tried for a serious crime by Judge Isaac Parker)   Got a lot to share with ya'll today so git yerself a cup of Arbuckle's or yer jug of AppleJack and sit a spell.  Miss Kitty LeRoy  (Kitty LeRoy - A gunfighter and gambler, she was one of the Old West's best women gamblers. In 1876 she ran a saloon in DeadwoodSouth Dakota. Her many lovers included Sam Bass and Wild Bill Hickok. Her fourth husband grew jealous and killed her in 1878) over at Daisy Doodles Creative Challenges is having herself a Blog Hop and a Challenge.  Thar's also a 25% off Sale going on at the store until August 15....YEEHAW!!!!

I reckon Sheriff Freddy and Hoss have been summoned to town to help save it.  They have traveled a purty fer piece through the Badlands to git here.  Here's my card + 1:

double stair-step card:
candy bar matchbox:

My friend Joanne aka the Angel of Tombstone sent me a tutorial link for a side-step card and I added another side to it.  I used the papers Jules created to go with her "Freddy Goes Western" stamps.  I printed them out onto the cardstock for the card base based on the measurements on the side step instructions.  I cut and scored it to make the card.I then colored Freddy and Hoss and the cactus with prisma pencils and adhered them to the card.  I printed DD papers onto cardstock  for the candy bar matchbox and cut it out and scored it.  The sentiments are also Dasiy Doodles.

This here stamp set "Freddy Goes Western"  is Ace-High.  If ya'll got a hankering to have a look-see you can find it HERE at Daisy's Digi Doodles Store.  Here's what ya'll got to do to win.  Visit all the blogs of the DT starting with the Challenge Blog and find the letters that are highlighted somewheres in each one.  Collect 'em all and unscramble 'em to make the 2 word phrase.  The last stop on the Trail (the store) will tell ya what do do when ya git thar.  Leave a comment on each blog so's we know you's was thar.  If ya'll got here from Stagecoach Mary's (Mary Fields, aka: Stagecoach Mary (1832-1914) - Born as a slave in Tennessee, Fields was one of the first women entrepreneurs, stagecoach drivers, pioneers of the American West) then ya been on the right trail.  If not skedaddle back to the Challenge Blog and start there.  If ya'll git lost or make a wrong turn you can find the blog list below.  I hear-tell all of 'em got some purty beliked things to show ye.  In my book these here gals are afly.  If yer pining for these stamps then what in tarnation are ye a waiting fer? Go to the last post on the trail ... Kitty LeRoys  Daisy Digi Doodles Store and git yer last letter and find out what to do to win.

Kitty LeRoy's Challenge Blog
Joanne aka Nellie Cashman
Tina aka Cattle Kate
Susan and Emma aka "Doc" Susie and Lottie Deno
Lawren aka Pearl Hart
Cec aka Annie Oakley
Monika aka Poker Alice
Sharon aka Mollie Johnson
Jane aka Calamity Jane
Mary aka Stagecoach Mary
Rhonda aka Belle Starr
Miss Daisy's aka Kitty LeRoy

These names are real female legends of the Old West.  If you are interested in learning more go HERE.

Don't forgit about the challenge....Western Card + 1 ...you could win a Gift Certificate worth a 5 dollar gold piece.

Challenges Entered:
Mami Doodles  - Anything Goes
Dutch Dare  -  Anything Goes
Paper Play - Anything Goes
Thanks for visiting :)


TinaB said...

I love your creations!!! I need the chocolate holder :0) xx Stunning work as always Rhonda xx

Shazza said...

great creations Rhonda and love your post

Beverly Gotthardt said...

I've got a ton of papers, but I'm really lovin' these papers that go with this set. Really cute candy box.

Jane said...

Love your hop presentation. To cute!!! Your card and candy holder are just darling!!!! Love all the names you gave us!!!!
Hugs xxxx

Sammibug said...

Great cowboy lingo! And the card is fabulous! I'm hopping over to the last stop, to see what's next!

Zoe said...

Oh wow, such a lovely card! Love it so much! Zoe

Lawren said...

Your set turned out so cute. I have to learn how to make that style card. Great job, Rhonda.

1CardCreator said...

Cute card but that Hershey bar looks awesome! ~Diane

Cheryl said...

I love your creations! That chocolate bar holder is toooooo cute!

Monika Reeck said...

I love these Rhonda very adorable sets....cute card and so lovely coloring...hugs, Monika

Lorus! said...

Hopping along here! and Wow! I love the matchbox candy bar holder and would love to learn to make the card!
I really enjoyed your cowgirl lingo!

Joanne Gilch said...

Wowzer! The candy bar box is so fun!!! you sure fixed a bunch o them thar papers to that thar card! Very nice that Freddy and Hoss are overhanging..no pun intended!!!

Julie M said...

That's so cute - and so clever, Rhonda. I love the way it all folds up. Great styling too.

Thanks for joining us on PaperPlay this week.

Julie :o)

Buffalo Soldier 9 said...

The real ‘Stagecoach Mary’ story:

Mary Fields, Black Mary, and ‘Stagecoach Mary’ are all one of the same person. Mary was born in 1832, a slave in Tennessee and was owned by a Catholic family; the father was a businessman and Judge who had a single girl child the same age as Mary. Mary’s mother was the House Slave Servant and the judge’s favorite cook; therefore Mary was always in the main house, in the kitchen and not in the fields, as a Field Slave. Mary’s father was a Field Slave, and Field Slaves were not allowed in the Main House, much less, to court a House Slave. Mary’s mother became pregnant by Mary’s father and he was beaten and sold to another plantation for getting Mary’s mother pregnant. After Mary’s birth, Mary’s mother and her were allowed to stay in the main house, and Mary became the Judge’s daughters’ playmate, therefore being the Judge’s daughter’s playmate, Mary was allowed to read and write, a rarity for that time.

After the emancipation and coming into adulthood, Mary was 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds. Mary became her own woman and traveled solely from Tennessee, up and down the Mississippi River, to Ohio, then finally to Montana where she got her nickname at the turn of the 20th Century. She earned this nickname by working for “Wells Fargo” delivering the United States Mail through adverse conditions that would have discouraged the most hardened frontiersmen of her time. All by herself, she never missed a day for 8 years, carrying the U. S. Mail and other important documents that helped settle the wild open territory of central west Montana.

Mary had no fear of man, nor beast, and this sometimes got her into trouble. She delivered the mail regardless of the heat of the day, cold of night, wind, rain, sleet, snow, blizzards, Indians and Outlaws.

Mary was a cigar smoking, shotgun and pistol toting Negro Woman, who even frequented saloons drinking whiskey with the men, a privilege only given to her, as a woman. However, not even this fact, sealed Mary's credentials given to her, her credentials boasted that, “She would knockout any man with one punch”, a claim which she proved true.

Her fame was so acclaimed, even the Actor, Gary Cooper, two time Academy Award Winner, told a story about her in 1959 which appeared in Ebony Magazine that same year. While, Annie Oakley and Martha Canary (Calamity Jane) were creating their history with Buffalo Bill, Stagecoach Mary was making “her Epic Journey!”

Despite Mary's hardness, she had another side of her, a kindness so strong, even today, in the beginning of the 21st Century, the town of Cascade, Montana, and other surrounding communities celebrate her birthday. The Epic movie is in pre-production mode. Check out website at http://www.stagecoachmary.net

Isha said...

Love your creations.

Stacy Walker said...

Love your creations. What a cool idea for a candy bar wrapper. This hop is really fun. Love the western theme.

Mary said...

This is so cute Rhonda! Love the candy bar idea!


Marjo said...

I just love the Candy Reward, is that for me? I could use it, this blog hoppin trail has really lowered my blood sugar...lol

Hugs, Marjo

Scrappy said...

What a fun challenge idea and hop! Great projects from the DT too!

Hopping along...!
'T'hank you!

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