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Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebrate Bonfire Night

Hi!!!  I am still on vacation with 2 more days to go.  I am enjoying time with my twin brother and his family.  It is always so much fun to catch up.  The challenge over at Daisy Doodles Creative Challenges is Bonfire Night.  At the end of my post I have some history of Bonfire Night if you are interested.

I must say that this one was a challenge for me ... LOL  I made a card without my craft tools.  You forget what is was like without paper trimmers.  I appreciate my craft room all the more now.  Anyway here is my card

Be sure and go see what the rest of the Design Team came up with.  Some very talented gals.  You can find their blog links in my left side bar.  Now I am going back to my vacation...have a great day!

The History of Bonfire Night ... November 5th
Four hundred years ago, in 1605, a man called Guy Fawkes and a group of plotters attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London with barrels of gunpowder placed in the basement. They wanted to kill King James and the king’s leaders.

When Queen Elizabeth 1st took the throne of England she made some laws against the Roman Catholics. Guy Fawkes was one of a small group of Catholics who felt that the government was treating Roman Catholics unfairly. They hoped that King James 1st would change the laws, but he didn't
Catholics had to practise their religion in secret. There were even fines for people who didn't attend the Protestant church on Sunday or on holy days. James lst passed more laws against the Catholics when he became king.

A group of men led by Robert Catesby, plotted to kill King James and blow up the Houses of Parliament, the place where the laws that governed England were made.
The plot was simple - the next time Parliament was opened by King James l, they would blow up everyone there with gunpowder. The men bought a house next door to the parliament building. The house had a cellar which went under the parliament building. They planned to put gunpowder under the house and blow up parliament and the king.
Guy Fawkes was given the job to keep watch over the barrels of gunpowder and to light the fuse. On the morning of 5th November, soldiers discovered Guy hidden in the cellar and arrested him. The trail of gunpowder at his feet would never be lit.
He was tortured and questioned about the other plotters. To start with he didn't tell the soldiers anything about the plot. But, eventually he started to tell the truth.

In celebration of his survival, King James ordered that the people of England should have a great bonfire on the night on 5th November.
The event is still commemorated annually in England on 5th November by fireworks and burning "Guys" (effigies) on bonfires.  
You can find more information HERE.


Shelly Schmidt said...

Interestring post- very ind=formative! Love your bonfire card!

Elaine said...

Gorgeous card Rhonda.. fab colourwork hun, hope you had a great holiday :)

Elaine x

TinaB said...

Hope you are have a fab time hun xx Your card is wonderful xx Hugs Tina xx

Carley said...

Rhonda, I love this card and I think that it is absolutely beautiful for someone who is "roughing it" without their craft tools ;) I love the ribbon you used. I do not think this is a ribbon that I would have looked at and thought of a vision but I love it! My husband makes fun of me because I have a hard time seeing something and visualizing a project maybe that will come with more time. I don't see the finished product until I am almost done I just wing it most of the time ha ha! Sorry I am a rambler point of the story I love your card! :)

Fink said...

This is awesome! I love how you used the ribbon like that. Just fab!

Paula said...

blimey Rhonda!!
all that information - arent you great!!
lovely card hun xx

Joanne Gilch said...

Love, love, love that ribbon!!!!! Your story is awesome...gives us some insight to the English!!!!! Your fire looks so real!!!!

Cheryl said...

Cute! Love the ribbons.

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